Is high manganese steel alloy hammerhead more wear-resistant than high manganese steel hammerhead?

Publish:2019-12-23 View:190

  It mainly depends on the working environment. As we all know, high chromium is the material of small hammers. Such hammers have low cost and high hardness; However, there are many defects such as low toughness and easy to fracture. The success of this technology has been reviewed, which makes up for the poor toughness of high chromium hammerheads. Inlaid with cemented carbide, not only improves the toughness of hammerheads, but also the cemented carbide embedded in them will undoubtedly replace the high chromium hammerheads with "copper head and iron arm". Its hardness has also been improved, and its service life is twice as long as that of ordinary high chromium hammerheads. In this way, it can effectively reduce the downtime caused by frequent replacement of hammerheads, waste pollution caused by frequent replacement of hammerheads, and improve the performance of hammerheads. It is the hammer head for crushing brittle hard materials such as coal gangue.