Development prospect of wear-resistant materials in China

Publish:2019-12-23 View:157

  Wear-resistant materials are a large class of new materials with special electrical, magnetic, optical, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological functions. They are important basic materials in high-tech fields such as information technology, biotechnology, energy technology and national defense construction. They also play an important role in the transformation of some traditional industries, such as agriculture, chemical industry, building materials, etc.

  Industry analysts pointed out that wear-resistant materials can be divided into microelectronic materials, optoelectronic materials, sensor materials, information materials, biomedical materials, eco-environmental materials, energy materials and smart (intelligent) materials according to their performance. Wear resistant materials have a wide variety of uses, and are forming a large-scale high-tech industry group, which has a very broad market prospect and very important strategic significance.

  In many wear-resistant materials, high-strength wear-resistant materials and metal wear-resistant materials have good application prospects in the cement and concrete industry. The high-strength wear-resistant materials are composed of high-strength aggregate and powder mineral additives. Through the optimized formula design, it has the advantages of minimum wear-resistant loss, high strength, controllable shape, strong integrity, simple construction and good construction performance. It is suitable for construction with wear-resistant requirements Part is the preferred material. The material can be used by mixing water on site, with good construction and workability, high wear resistance, high bonding strength with foundation concrete, strong impact resistance, high compressive strength, good durability, long service life and other characteristics.

  With the development of new dry process production and large-scale equipment in cement industry, new high requirements are put forward for wear-resistant materials. The new large-scale imported equipment needs high-quality wear-resistant materials with good internal quality, safe and reliable use and good appearance quality, and at the same time, the delivery time should be guaranteed. This urges the wear-resistant material factory to introduce new technology, add new equipment and perfect detection means, so as to meet the market demand. In the future, green manufacturing and circular economy will be the development direction of wear-resistant material production. Wear resistant materials will be combined with high and new technology to arm wear-resistant material industry with new technology and new equipment and develop from small to medium-sized.

  According to the released "2014-2017 China wear-resistant materials Market Research Report", wear-resistant materials have a broad domestic market. Wear-resistant materials are needed in industrial production, and there are many new growth points in the market. In addition, China has become a large manufacturing country of non innovative products, and wear-resistant materials have great advantages in export.